Motel Reviews & Pics


Over the years, we have stayed at many motels on our annual trips. In previous years, we had searched for the cheaper, older, clean motels that are one level only. Proximity to a restaurant or a bar (within walking distance...) was always a plus. In recent years, we have leveraged Hilton Honors points for as many freebies as made sense.  We have been leaning towards nicer places the past 4 or 5 years and, coincidentally, have been finding many hotels/motels within walking distance of local breweries.  Funny how that happens.......

2017 - Murdo, SD - Sioux Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($93)

Our first day on the road on this trip ended when we arrived to the Sioux Motel after logging 1,109 miles for the day.  As you can see from the pictures, we arrived with plenty of daylight.  We had reserved the "family" room since it had three separate beds in three separate rooms.  The motel was very clean and the owners very accommodating.


2017 - Buffalo, WY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

After a long day, we decided to make a stop at Crazy Woman Liquors, grab a couple of six packs of the local brews, and order Domino's pizza for dinner.  As usual, we made good use of the lobby for the evening festivities with our laptops.


2017 - Bozeman, MT - Homewood Suites (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Once we checked in and unloaded the motorcycles, we grabbed an Uber and made our way to Montana Ale Works for a couple of beers and dinner.  We snagged a two-bedroom suite thanks to my Diamond status, and made a quick exit the following morning by taking advantage of the two bathrooms.


2017 - Whitefish, MT - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Although a bit on the pricey side (50,000 points), this Hampton is nearly new and very nicely appointed.  Last time through Whitefish, this hotel did not even exist.  After washing the bikes at the local self-serve carwash, we stopped for a beer at Great Northern Brewing before enjoying a very nice (and expensive) dinner at Tupelo GrilleWe opted for a quick getaway in the morning by eating the very average Hampton Inn breakfast.


2017 - Winthrop, WA - Bunkhouse Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($245 for two rooms)

Despite a small snafu in obtaining access to the rooms (my fault), this was a very nice motel.  We had reserved two rooms thinking that one room would not be big enough for the three of us.  As it turns out, we probably could have made one room work, so we'll know better if there is a next time.  We walked to the Old Schoolhouse Brewery for dinner and took a short walking tour of town afterward.  We grabbed breakfast sandwiches at the local gas station in the morning before hitting the road again.


2017 - Astoria, OR - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

After a slight delay courtesy of a Washington State Trooper late in the day, we rolled into town with our collective tails between our legs, but that didn't bother us for long.  We took a very long walk (1.8 miles) to dinner at Buoy Beer Company followed by an equally long walk back to the hotel after a stop at Wet Dog Cafe on the return.  Breakfast the following day at Pig 'N Pancake was one of the morning culinary highlights of the trip.


2017 - Yakima, WA - Hilton Garden Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) (HHonors Points)

We endured temperatures exceeding 100 degrees throughout the day, so the arrival to the hotel was much anticipated.  After a few false starts seeking some of the local wine to savor with dinner, we found that Target had the best selection.  Go figure.  Jim walked down the street to fetch dinner at Domino's (again), but we enjoyed an evening in the lobby with laptops, pizza, and wine.  The hotel itself was nice, but the location left a little to be desired.


2017 - Lewiston, ID - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Upon arrival, we quickly located the nearby self-serve car wash to rinse off the road grime from the motorcycles.  We also located the liquor store to stock up on supplies for the end of the evening.  After a very unimpressive dinner at Zany Graze, we spent the remainder of our waking hours in the lobby with laptops and adult beverages. The hotel was newer and very clean.  We again took advantage of  the mediocre free breakfast so we could hit the road early.


2017 - Hailey, ID - Wood River Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($168)

Ken and I had stayed here previously and found the hotel very clean and located right in the middle of the restaurants and breweries we were to visit.  We followed our normal routine to wash the bikes and stock up on local beer; this time at the Shell station at the end of town.  After dinner at Power House, we took a long walk and finished our evening once again in the hotel lobby.  We did not take advantage of the indoor pool, but did enjoy a decent breakfast at the hotel in the morning.


2017 - Laramie, WY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Surviving a significant rainstorm and even more severe winds as we approached Laramie, we arrived under threatening skies.  Our normal Hampton Inn parking spots at the front entrance were already occupied, so we unloaded quickly and headed to the store for beverages. With rain threatening at any moment, we opted to head back to the hotel and order pizza (again).  The lobby was very welcoming, so we spent the evening camped out there.  Another not-so-appealing Hampton Inn breakfast in the morning and we hit the road early again.


2017 - Des Moines, IA - Embassy Suites (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

We had targeted this hotel due to location and the two room suite option.  We had to park the motorcycles in an underground onsite garage, so there was no chance to wash them or find any of the local liquor stores.  Instead, we opted for a late night dinner and a couple of beers at the Iowa Taproom.  Although the service was very slow, the food was decent and the beer was good. Upon returning to the hotel, we had a farewell beer (or two) at the hotel bar as Jim would be heading straight home in the morning while Ken and I were taking a roundabout route.


2016 - Kearney, NE - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

After driving all day in the truck pulling the trailer and two dual sport motorcycles, we pulled into the Hampton Inn around 7:00PM.  After visiting a couple of the local breweries, we called it an early evening so that we could get up and make it in time to our final destination with daylight enough to ride. 


2016 - Pinedale, WY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Using 187,500 Hilton Honors points, we made the Hampton Inn our base camp in Pinedale for our dual sport vacation.  It's amazing that a brand new Hampton sits in Pinedale.  It's not much more than a wide spot in the road, but we're not complaining.  Our last two times in Pinedale, we stayed at a mom-and-pop motel that is no longer in business.  Free lodging for an entire week is pretty sweet.


2016 - Lander, WY - Pronghorn Lodge (#1) (#2) (web site) ($132)

Even though we used Pinedale, WY as a base camp, we spent one night in Lander, WY.  We packed for the night and did not check out of the Hampton Inn in Pinedale.  Ken and I had lodged in Lander on a previous street trip in 2003, but that place is no longer in existence.  Anyhow, the motel was fine and the onsite restaurant was serviceable.  


2016 - Omaha, NE - Hilton Garden Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

After vacating the premises in Pinedale, we looked forward to heading home.  Since it's too long to drive straight through, we had set our sights on Omaha, NE.  Using Hilton Honors points again, we selected the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown.  We made the obligatory stops at the local breweries in Omaha before calling it a night. We skipped the free breakfast to accommodate an early start.


2016 - Chattanooga, TN - Homewood Suites (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

A last roundup of the Fall, we invited Jim Doogan to ride with us.  We received the royal treatment when the desk clerk saw the balance on my Hilton Honors account.   We took an Uber to downtown to make the rounds at some of the local breweries including Chattanooga Brewing Company for our evening activity.



2015 - Ouray, CO - Ouray KOA (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (web site) ($79 for cabin)

For the fourth time in 16 years, we made the Ouray KOA our home for the week while dual sport riding in the area.  The occasion this time was Ralph Roy (Mike's dad) turning 80 years old.  It is hard to imagine anyone at 80 years old maintaining the pace that Ralph did on this trip.  Many of the Roy men participated in the week-long ride.  The KOA accommodations were great as always.


2015 - Salina, KS - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

We were three strong leaving Cincinnati on the street bikes to meet Sebastian and his dad in Denver for a Colorado/Utah adventure.  The standard Hampton Inn after a long first day has become an expectation and a routine.  Same thing this trip..........


2015 - Denver, CO - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

After arriving late in the day, we ventured out for a tour of the streets of Denver with Sebastian and Windsey for dinner at Prohibition.  With the hotel being a downtown property, we had to park the bikes in a not-too-convenient offsite garage.  It wasn't all that bad, but just made loading up and departing the next day a little challenging.

2015 - Hotchkiss, CO - Hotchkiss Inn Motel (#1) (#2) (web site) ($135)

Ken and I had stayed in Hotchkiss in 2009, but had chosen the quirky  place little place around the corner from the nicer Hotchkiss Inn Motel.  With friends in tow this time, we decided to play it safe.  We were not disappointed.  The motel was very clean and the owners were friendly.  Dinner was within walking distance and the liquor store was also close by.  Jim decided that it was his turn to ride the horse in Hotchkiss this time around. 


2015 - Moab, UT - Moab Valley RV Resort (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)  (web site) ($220)

Ken and I had also stayed at this place before.  the year was 2010 and we were riding dual sport bikes that year.  We liked it then, and figured it would fit the bill this time around also.  We had reserved two cabins thinking we could accommodate five people.  We were wrong.  Based on a combination of false advertising (size of beds) and our over-reaching, it was not going to work.  The owners offered us the cottage for roughly the same prices as two cabins.  Quarters were a bit cramped, but it worked fine.  We stayed two nights here.


2015 - Mexican Hat, UT - Mexican Hat Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5)  (web site) ($279)

Another repeat from the 2009 trip, this was a can't-miss for our guests from Germany.  The home of the Swingin' Steak proved to be one of the culinary highlights of the trip.  Unlike 2009 when we stayed in a room in the main house, this time we stayed in the mobile home that was capable of sleeping all five of us. 


2015 - Ouray, CO - Box Canyon Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($189)

Although we had visited Ouray on numerous occasions, we had never stayed at this motel.  They offered a room configuration that worked for three people in a single room, so that was a deciding factor.  Location was great.  We even watched a black bear walk around the parking lot at night.  In a new twist, Steve rode a piano rather than the standard fare of bison, horses, and antelope. 


2015 - Cripple Creek, CO - Double Eagle Hotel and Casino (#1) (#2) (web site) ($53)

Pretty much the only game in town, the hotel rooms are cheap.  Evening festivities included a visit to Bronco Billy's where Steve had a nice little run on the craps table.  The rooms in the hotel were smaller, but not bad.  The service in the hotel restaurant at breakfast was absolutely atrocious.   


2015 - Salina, KS - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

This might have been a first.  We stayed at the same hotel on the way West.  And now here we were 9 days later staying again, but heading East.   The main difference this time was the grand finale last call for the trip in the lobby. 


2015 - Evansville, IN - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

On the eve of my 55th birthday, we decided that a late Fall overnight would be a good idea.  Despite a little bit of chill in the air, we wound our way through rural Indiana to end up at the Hampton near the Evansville airport.  We visited Carson's Brewery and Tin Man Brewing to drink a toast to my birthday at midnight.  The hotel itself was very nondescript and the breakfast was very predictable and not all that great.


2014 - Marshall, MI - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

We continued our "day 0" approach from the past few years where we leave late one afternoon to get a head start on the trip.  This year, we decided to "stage" in Marshall, MI so we could take advantage of an evening visit to Dark Horse Brewery.  We did partake of the Crooked Tree IPA and split a pizza in the outdoor beer garden.  We dined at the Denny's right next door to the Hampton the following morning before hitting the road.


2014 - St. Ignace, MI - K Royale Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($116)

Well, it looked good on the web site.  Most everything within walking distance was closed when we rolled into town. We walked about one mile to dinner at the Driftwood Sportsbar.  When we returned to our room around 1100PM after an extremely mediocre meal, we discovered that the air conditioner in our room was not working.  After a trip to the office, some dude showed up at our door around 1130PM with a replacement unit.  He left around midnight.  The room was kinda scary as were some of the other customers.  I really missed the mark on this one. 


2014 - Copper Harbor, MI - The Pines Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($76)

After a very chilling ride into Copper Harbor, we were very pleased with the set-up at this place.  An on-site restaurant and Brickside Brewery within walking distance made this motel one of our favorite stops on the trip. 


2014 - Galena, IL - Main Street Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($125)

This was kind of a little romantic we were a little out of place.  Great hotel and great location --- but not an easy place to find a parking spot.  We visited Galena Brewing Company and actually had the best dinner for our entire trip (in hindsight).  The chicken wings were best ever.  


2014 - Osage, AR - Lake of the Ozarks Resort (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($115)

This was a new approach for us.  We reserved a two-bedroom condo through Airbnb for the night.  The condo was very nice (although on the third floor).  We took advantage of the large swimming pool that evening.  It was kinda tough because we couldn't walk anywhere for dinner or drinks, but i think we'd do the condo thing again.


2014 - Ozark, AR - Byrd's Adventure Center (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($115)

After being lost on gravel and dirt roads trying to find this place, we finally made it with some help from the young lady working the desk.  After stocking up on cold cuts and beer from the camp's general store, we headed across the street to the Hillbilly Hilton.  We could have better used dual sport bikes to get to the trailer, but the BMWs made it.  The trailer was large, but a little on the crappy side.  There was not much to choose from in the area, and the general store was the only place for miles that sold it was OK.


2014 - Hot Springs, AR - Embassy Suites (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors points)

We were looking forward to getting back to "civilization" and the Embassy Suites was the perfect answer.  We walked to Superior Bathhouse Brewery for a beer and ended up staying for dinner.  We strolled around town and checked out a few other places before heading back to our luxurious quarters.


2014 - Natchez, MS - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors points)

We decided to use Natchez for a home base so that we could take a day-trip to New Orleans as Ken had never been to the Big Easy.  We had to go across the river each night to find a place that sold beer.  We did find a good breakfast spot around the corner named Big Mama's.


2014 - Counce, TN - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors points)

After dodging rain for the last couple of hours that day, we pulled into the hotel a little soggy and just ready to be done.  The last day and a half on the return trip is always the worst part of the trip.   There was not much around this hotel, so we did the crappy Hampton breakfast in the AM and headed home.


2014 - Louisville, KY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($139)

After passing on some really crappy motels in Bardstown, Ken and I along with fellow BMW-rider Jim Doogan decided to keep heading toward home to find something decent.  Of course, we selected a Hampton Inn.  We dined at the local Logan's Roadhouse.  Doogan drew the short straw and slept on the sofa sleeper.


2013 - Lincoln, IL - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

The wives didn't want us riding 1000 miles on our first day out (even though we've done it before), so we left at 3PM and headed to the same hotel we stayed at in 2012.  Nothing exciting the first day out.........but the hotel was nice and we set up camp (beer and computers) in the lobby before calling it a night.


2013 - Mitchell, SD - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2)  (web site) (HHonors Points)

Near the Corn Palace, this was (again) another standard Hampton Inn.  After we dined on corn dogs and beer at the Scorecard Pub and Grille near the Corn Palace, we returned for an hour or so on the laptops in the Hampton lobby before retiring early.


2013 - Billings, MT - Cherry Tree Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($68)

Right across the street from the Billings Mustangs, this was not one of the best places we've ever stayed, but you can't beat the location if a Mustangs game is in the mix.  We stopped in at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company on the way into town and walked to the Montana Brewing Company after the game before heading back to the motel.  Breakfast at the Perkin's Pancake place across the street wasn't all that great either.  Oh well.......


2013 - Whitefish, MT - Downtowner Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($141)

Located in the heart of the thriving downtown area, there are many good dining and entertainment spots within walking distance.  We wandered over to the Great Northern Brewing Company for a couple of adult beverages before dinner.  We also took advantage of the hot tub on the upper floor before hitting the sack.  We started out the following day with a stop at the Swift Creek Cafe for a hearty (but not cheap) breakfast before beginning the ride for the day.


2013 - Banff, AB - King Edward Hotel (#1) (#2) (web site) ($127)

Downtown Banff is a real tourist area.  The room in our hotel was tiny.  We had to access it via elevator.  We had to park the bikes in a garage around the corner.  This was not the most convenient of hotels.  It was very Spartan and not terribly cheap either.  Still........if you want to be in the center of things, this was as good as any of the options.  We found a local brewery, Banff Avenue Brewing Company, where we set up the laptops and somehow ran up a tab that totaled out around $80 after tip.  Yikes.


2013 - Prince George, BC - Downtown Motel (#1) (#2) (web site) ($65)

This place was scary.  Downtown Prince George is actually scary.  We thought twice about actually staying here, but there were not many options.  There were semi-trucks in the parking lot and plenty of in-and-out traffic with cabs and other dangerous-looking people.  We slept with one eye open all night.


2013 - Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke Lodge (#1) (#2) (web site) ($120)

The motel was in a little suburban area but within walking distance to the rather eclectic downtown area.  We could only get an upper level room, so that wasn't all that great, but the room was clean.  We had issues with the key working, so had to leave the room unlocked while we went to dinner, but it all turned out fine.


2013 - Sandpoint, ID - Meandering Moose (#1) (#2) (web site) ($100)

This was a little mom-and-pop place that was very clean.  We had a kitchenette unit.  Rather than venture out for dinner, we hit the local gas station for a couple of six-packs of good local beer and ordered a pizza.  This was a nice change of pace for us.


2013 - Great Falls, MT - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Although we had to park in the parking lot like regular customer, this Hampton had a shuttle that we leveraged pretty well to make a trip to Bowser Brewing Company. After enjoying some of the local craft beer, we again ordered pizza and set up laptops in the lobby to catch up on work.


2013 - Williston, ND - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2)  (web site) (HHonors Points)

We pulled into this newer Hampton just about as a storm was about to hit.  This is a boom town with all of the fracking in progress.  After the storm cleared, we took the shuttle to the local BW3 for a few beers and some wings.  We hitched a ride back to the hotel with somebody who was leaving the restaurant rather than wait for the shuttle.  Nice place.


2013 - Ashland, WI - River Rock Inn & Bait Shop (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($129)

We called the main office (which doubles as a bait shop and convenience store) as we were approaching the motel to ask if they could stay open long enough for us to get some beer.  They accommodated us as we rolled into the parking lot after 9PM in the dark.  After unpacking the bikes, we took a walk uptown to the South Shore Brewery for a couple of beers and a light dinner.  It's a shame we didn't have more time to enjoy the motel and the surroundings.  This was one of the nicer motels on the entire trip.


2013 - Gaylord, MI - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

I think we were scheduled to roll a little further than Gaylord, but we were ready to call it a day in the late afternoon. We happened to stop for gas at Gaylord and spotted the Hampton Inn.  A quick call to the Diamond Desk, and we had a room for the night using Hilton Honors points.  We started out the following morning with the something-left-to-be-desired Hampton breakfast before heading home to Cincinnati.


2013 - Owensboro, KY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2)  (web site) (HHonors Points)

Ken and I decided to do a little tour through Indiana on a nice Fall weekend and included a free overnight stay at this Hampton.  After a day-long ride that included multiple covered bridges and old steel truss bridges, we called it a night here and hiked across the street to the local BW3 for wings and libations.


2012 - Lincoln, IL - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

Ken left work in time to meet me in Brownsburg, IN as I had been in Plainfield, IN on business that day.  We rode a few hours to the Hampton Inn in Lincoln to make our journey to Scottsbluff bearable the next day. This was a standard Hampton Inn......parked under the cover, decent restaurants within walking distance, etc.


2012 - Scottsbluff, NE - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

We arrived after dark with a windshield full of bugs just in time to grab a six-pack at the convenience store before it closed.  We dined at the on-premises Perkin's restaurant in the AM before hitting the road.


2012 - Pinedale, WY - Half Moon Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($92)

We had stayed here on our dual-sport adventure in 2004 and were happy with the accommodations, so we gave it another shot.  I think owners had changed since then, but the rooms and rates were still in our wheelhouse.  We walked to Wind River Brewing Company for dinner and sat on the top deck overlooking the main street.  Very nice.  After the obligatory breakfast at the Wrangler Cafe, we were on the road early in the AM.


2012 - Hailey, ID - Wood River Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($138)

We had targeted this motel so we could dine and drink (maybe not in that order) at Sun Valley Brewing Company.  We arrived early enough for a dip in the indoor pool.  We followed that with a sushi appetizer at Zou75 before heading to the brewery.  This motel was a bit on the pricey side, but the location was key for us.  The indoor pool and the ability to park under the cover of the entrance was a bonus.


2012 - Joseph, OR - Indian Lodge Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($114)

This turned out to be an excellent location with a self-serve car-wash across the street and two microbreweries in town.  We dined at Mutiny Brewing Company because the Embers Brewhouse was too crowded.  Both places served excellent beer.  There were several groups of motorcyclists at the motel.  The owners were motorcycle-friendly, so it was no surprise.


2012 - Bonners Ferry, ID - Kootenai River Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($172)

We once again enjoyed an indoor pool and this time we even had a casino in the event we wanted to gamble.  The riverside room was very nice but we didn't spend much time there.  We parked under cover out in front of the hotel with about a dozen other bikes.  Nice place, but a bit on the pricey side.  The hotel was within walking distance of the Kootenai River Brewing Company where we dined on chicken wings (horrible) and some of the local craft beer (very good).


2012 - Missoula, MT - Thunderbird Motel (#1) (#2) ($82)

Although it appeared to be a bit cheesy at first glance, this was a pretty decent motel.  We had stopped at Big Sky Brewing on the way into town and were looking forward to having a couple of the local brews at the hotel or at dinner.  The exterior of Thunderbird had that 60s or 70s look to did the interior.  However, the price was fair and we each got our own bedroom at this stop.  The owner was accommodating to the motorcycle crowd and there are several nice places to eat within walking distance. 


2012 - Stanley, ID - Sawtooth Hotel (#1) (#2) (web site) ($110)

There is not too much to do in Stanley, but we saw this hotel on the internet and wanted to give it a shot.  The only downside was that we were forced to share a queen-sized bed.  A bit uncomfortable, but not a show-stopper.  We wandered the main street and found  pizza joint that sold beer as well.  That is all we needed.  The lounge at the Sawtooth is pretty cool, but it was packed at dinner time.  We did stop in at the end of the evening to catch up on email as the employees shut it down for the night.


2012 - Red Lodge, MT - Yodeler Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($97)

When we asked for a lower level room, we didn't expect to be in the basement, but that is kinda how it worked out.  The room itself was nice and the owner was very motorcycle-friendly (he rode a KLR650), but the set-up was a bit odd.  We were able to walk to the downtown area where we dined at Foster and Logan's Pub and Grill and sampled some of the beer from the local brewery which is appropriately named Red Lodge Ales.  Red Lodge is a neat little town and the Yodeler puts you right in the mix of things for an enjoyable evening.


2012 - Custer, SD - Rocket Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($78)

We found this retro-looking motel on our Google-search for lodging and were not disappointed.  The owners ran a great little operation with hoses and rags for cleaning up the bikes. We took full advantage of that offer.  The rooms were smaller, but clean  and comfortable.  There are many restaurants and the downtown area within walking distance.  We stopped in at Bitter Ester's Brewhouse, but all of their beers were in cans and there was nothing all that appealing.  We dined at the local Our Place restaurant in the AM before hitting the road.


2012 - Denison, IA - Park Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($62)

After a enjoyable late-afternoon ride across western Iowa, we stopped for the evening at a historic motel.  The Park Motel is a Spanish Colonial Revival building built in 1940 to go along with a cafe and service station built to assist cross-country travelers.  The history of the motel is an interesting read.  We dined at historic Cronk's Cafe across the street from the motel.  I would stay again.


2012 - Deal's Gap, NC - Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort (#1)  (#2) (web site) ($65)

We have been through Deal's Gap many times, but never stayed at the motel.  The rates are very reasonable, the rooms are very clean, and the atmosphere can't be beat.  We enjoyed dinner at the on-site restaurant and sat around the fire ring with other bikers well after dark.  This is obviously a biker-friendly spot that should not be missed if in the area.


2011 - West Jefferson, NC - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (HHonors Points)

We were able to schedule a short Spring trip for three days and two nights. We headed to familiar territory and planned a route through North Carolina.  The West Jefferson Hampton Inn was brand new and well within our route.  We used Hilton Honors points for a free stay here.  There are not many restaurants close by, but the hotel itself is very nice. 

Note -- This is no longer a Hampton Inn.


2011 - Maggie Valley, NC - Holiday Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($72)

We have been to Maggie Valley many times, but had never stayed at Holiday Motel together.  This place is extremely motorcycle friendly. Wash buckets reside on every porch and the place is full of bikers.  A campfire happens every night and is well attended.  An on-site restaurant is very convenient and tasty.


2011 - Ouray, CO - Ouray KOA (#1) (#2) (web site) ($79 for cabin)

For the second year in a row, we headed west for a dual sport vacation.  This time, we aimed ourselves for a third visit to Ouray (1999, 2006, 2011),  the trails and scenery are hard to beat.  We again stayed at the Ouray KOA -- me and Ken in a Kamping Kabin while the rest of the crew parked the camper in spot #7 (best in the campground).  We regularly ate breakfast and dinner at the campground.  The hosts are wonderful.  Highly recommended......again!


2011 - Charleston (Southridge), WV - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (HHonors Points)

A vacation day on Friday and a short day on Saturday was all we needed to visit some good roads in eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia.  A late afternoon jaunt to the New River Bridge via route 60 was perhaps the highlight of the two-day trip.  After a couple of stops at covered bridges (1) (2) on the way home Saturday in Kentucky, we were home by 2:00PM.  Oh yeah......the Hampton was nice enough and located right next door to the Quaker Steak and Lube where we we enjoyed the beer, but not so much the dinner .  We also had a rather sub-par breakfast the next morning at the Bob Evans' restaurant that was within walking distance also.

2010 - Colby, KS - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (HHonors Points)

We were once again headed west for another dual sport motorcycle trip - this time to Monticello, UT and Moab, UT.  We set a goal of covering 1000 miles the first day out so that we would have some time to ride on the second day when we were to arrive in Monticello. Based on that objective, Colby, Kansas was the perfect target.  With a free Hampton Inn certificate in hand, we made reservations at the just-opened Hampton Inn.  This motel was top notch in every way.


2010 - Monticello, UT - Navajo Trail Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($90)

The owner lived on site and was very accommodating and friendly.  We were able to park the truck and trailer in a circle area near our room.  The room was nice and clean and was unexpectedly cleaned for us on Saturday when we were out riding.  We had to pay the weekend rates which seemed a bit on the high side, but overall it was a decent stay.


2010 - Moab, UT - Moab Valley RV Resort (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6) (web site) ($70)

We had planned on setting up a base camp in Moab for (5) nights.  We targeted a cabin or cottage where we could "spread out", grill out for dinner, and play some cornhole in the evenings.  Requirements included air conditioning, refrigerator, and our own bathroom and shower.  This place met all of the above.  The accommodations were tight (see the pictures of the interior using links above) but we made it work.  The swimming pool was a pleasant place to cool off after a hard day's ride.  The price was also pretty good compared to most of the local motels.  We would stay here again. 


2010 - Lawrence, KS - Hampton Inn (#1) (web site) (HHonors Points)

With a second Hampton Inn gift certificate in hand, we targeted a location that would leave us 600-650 miles from home to make for a reasonable drive on our last day.  Lawrence, KS met the geographic need and since that town had a relatively new Hampton Inn, we were in business. A late arrival meant that we did not get to take advantage of any of the facilities, but the 6AM breakfast in the hotel put us on the road with our bellies full.  Nice place.

2009 - Kit Carson, CO - Shepp's Motel and Restaurant (#1) (#2) (#3) ($60)

We had originally intended to stay in Limon, CO, but after about 12 hours on the interstate, we decided that we would exit at US40 when we hit Oakley, Kansas and head toward Kit Carson instead.  After completing our first official Iron Butt (1055 miles in 18 hours), we stayed at a small mom-and-pop motel that was the only place in town still in business.  Furthermore, they kept the restaurant open in order to fix dinner for us after our long day in the saddle.  The two owners also took the time to complete our Iron Butt forms and serve as our witnesses.  Thanks!


2009 - Hotchkiss, CO - North Fork Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) ($65)

There aren't too many lodging options in Hotchkiss and this place did not have a web site, so even though we had reservations, we were a little surprised when we pulled in to discover that this was a combination service station and motel.  You don't see that one too often.  The outside looked a little rough, so we feared the worst.  However, the owner was pleasant and the rooms were actually pretty nice.  It sure didn't look like much from the outside, but we had no complaints.


2009 - Moab, UT - The Virginian (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($100)

The place where we stayed in Moab during our last visit there in 1995 was no longer standing (go figure....).  We selected this motel based on location (central to everything and off the main drag).  We were a bit apprehensive when we pulled in and the parking lot was full of 20-somethings unloading vans and trucks with all of their camping gear and coolers.  As it turns out, they kept to themselves and we had no issues.  The lower level room was nice enough but a bit pricey.  I guess $100 is about the going rate for lodging in Moab, so don't expect to pay too much less.


2009 - Beaver, UT - Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($89)

We have never stayed in a more motorcycle-friendly motel.  The clerk put us in a room that had an overhang right outside the door.  It was shaded in the evening and under cover at night (in the event it had rained).  We really enjoyed the pool as well.  All of this only cost $89!  While cleaning the bikes in our little "garage" area, we made friends with a Vietnam veteran who was on his way home from a Mustang show in Steamboat Springs.  Two thumbs up!


2009 - Torrey, UT - Boulder View Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($72)

This was a very pleasant motel at the far end of town.  Unfortunately for the owners (who live right next door), most of the folks apparently acquire their lodging at the other end of town.  They don't know what they are missing!  Two of the three other motels in town are the big-box variety where you cannot park by the door and may have to use the elevators to get to your room.  That is not our style.   There are two restaurants within walking distance of the Boulder View Inn.  Overall, a very nice place for an overnight on the motorcycle.


2009 - Mexican Hat, UT - Mexican Hat Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($103)

This place had as much character as any motel we've ever experienced.  A converted dance hall and saloon, the rooms were renovated and very nice.  The pool area came in handy as the temperature had soared to the mid-90s by the time we arrived in the late afternoon.  Topping it all off, the bar and grill (home of the Swingin' Steak) was one flight of stairs below our about convenience!  Anyhow, although the motorcycle parking accommodations were a bit lacking and the price was a tad on the high side, we enjoyed our stay.


2009 - Red River, NM - Ponderosa Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($79)

This was out first ever overnight stay in New Mexico.  We had selected a ski town that was still pretty active during the off-season.  The (very thick) gravel parking lot made maneuvering interesting if not treacherous.  This was definitely not a motorcycle-friendly parking lot.  We even had to push each other's bikes out of the parking spot when we left in the AM.  Despite the parking lot and the out-of-order hot tub, the motel was pretty nice, within walking distance of restaurants and stores, and reasonably priced.  Just be careful in the parking lot!


2009 - Emporia, KS - Best Western Hospitality House (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($79)

We made a mid-afternoon decision to go ahead and move our arrival date back home from Saturday afternoon to Friday evening.  That meant we needed to make it from NM to somewhere close to MO on Thursday.  About 600 miles into the day, we decided to call it an evening when we hit Emporia.  There were several motels available.  We picked the one with the indoor pool.  The prices were reasonable and the pool was a blessing after a long hot day on the road (temperatures over 100 degrees in Dodge City....).  Not one of our more memorable stays, but it worked.


2009 - Boone, NC - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (HHonors Points)

We arrived when it was dark and left the next morning when it was dark, so we didn't see much of the outside of the hotel. We were too late to take advantage of parking under the hotel awning, so we had to break out the bike covers. The steakhouse next door and the liquor store directly across the street were utilized to their greatest extent.  The room seemed like a high-end Hampton room with very nice amenities.  We skipped the free breakfast in the morning and headed into town for a real southern breakfast including grits.

Note - This is no longer a Hampton Inn.

2008 - Kimball, SD - Dakota Winds Motel (#1) (web site)  ($65)

After 985 miles, we decided to stop for the night, relax, and play a few games of cornhole before completing our journey to Wyoming with the dirt bikes on the trailer.  This was a nice little motel that was family owned.  It was clean and reasonably priced.  We ate breakfast before sunrise at the truck-stop across the street.


2008 - Ranchester, WY -Western Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)  (web site)($65)

We had made reservations at the Foothills Campground and Motel in Dayton, WY and even paid a $60 deposit.  However, when we arrived and examined the "rustic" room, we decided to eat the $60 and backtrack five miles to Ranchester where we had seen a nice motel.  It was a good decision.  The Western Motel was very clean and the parking lot provided us a spot for a nightly game of cornhole accompanied by the XM boom box for entertainment.  A quaint and friendly family restaurant in town along with a couple of liquor stores made this a nice find.  We eventually recovered $30 of our $60 deposit from the piece of crap motel in Dayton before we left the area.


2008 - Alcova, WY - Alcova Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($100)

These cabins were immaculate.  A full kitchen along with a queen bed, two bunks, and a sleeper sofa gave us enough room to spread out and be comfortable.  The cabins aren't cheap, but we felt like we got our money's worth.


2008 - West Branch, IA -  Presidential Inn(#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($70)

We couldn't find any rooms anywhere due to the floods that Iowa experienced this Spring.  Every hotel and motel within hundreds of miles was full with workers.  We got the last room at this place.  The guy at the desk was very nice and accommodating but the rooms were shabby and not very clean.  We were tired and only needed a few hours of sleep, so we survived.  This motel would not have made the cut if we had not been desperate.

2007 - Ithaca, NY - Economy Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)  ($65)

This place was pretty much a dump. We had no place to park our motorcycles and the room was a bit scary. I guess it's a good thing we got there after dark. After a few brewskis, we probably could have slept anywhere, so it all worked out. This place was not a destination, but just a convenient stopping point. If we had it to do again, we would have stayed across the street at the Grayhaven Motel.


2007 - Rouses Point, NY - Anchorage Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (KMZ)  ($81)  

There wasn't much to choose from in this area, so we selected this place even though they did not have internet access.  There was a nice bar and grill on the premises where we dined that evening.  The rooms were reasonably clean and well kept.  We talked for an hour or so with a couple from Toronto riding a Honda ST1300.


2007 - Godbout, Quebec - Motel Chantal (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (KMZ) ($79)

We selected this isolated motel due to its proximity to the ferry we would be boarding the next morning at 8:00AM.  There is not much to see or do in Godbout.  We found a diner that was still open when we arrived at 9:00PM and gulped down a couple of  burgers and fries that we managed to order despite the language barrier.  We stopped at the local convenience store and purchased a 12-pack of beer for $24.  Yes, that's right - $24.


2007 - Perce, Quebec - Motel Pigalle (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)  ($108)

I had made reservations for a motel in the wrong town, so when we arrived in Perce, we had to visit the information booth and scramble for a room.  We normally don't stay at places with  interior rooms, but we were kinda stuck this night.  $110 for an interior room on the 2nd floor --- not our normal style.  The room was nice and clean and in the center of town, so we didn't complain too much.


2007 - Charlottetown, PEI - Royalty Maples Cottages (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) (KMZ) ($110)

Cabins always appeal to us, so when we saw this place on the internet, we made our reservations.  The location wasn't the best in the world as it was near a major highway and didn't have much of a view of anything.  The cabin was clean, and although there was no internet access and it was a bit pricey ($110 per night after taxes), it was still a decent place to stay for two nights.


2007 - Bingham, Maine - Bingham Motor Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) (KMZ) ($70)

This was an interesting motel.  The owners were a bit eccentric and ran a very tight ship.  There are lots of rules and regulations, but we figured that's how they keep the place nice.  A couple of ATVers staying in the motel told us they know the owner as "The Colonel".  The night we spent here included internet access and a dip in the hot tub.  We would recommend this motel to others without hesitation.


2007 - Middlebury, Vermont - Sugarhouse Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (KMZ) ($97)

This motel is actually a couple miles outside of Middlebury.  The owner was a jerk and an extreme bigot.  The motel was run down and the rooms were pretty crappy.  On the other hand, each room had its own fly-swatter.  In other words, if you have a choice.....go find another place to stay!


2007 - Westfield, NY - Theater Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) (KMZ)  ($61)

We did not have reservations for our last night, but wandered across this place around dusk and decided to stay.  For $60, we got a clean room, unlimited ice, a gazebo in the courtyard (where we ate calzones for dinner), and an out-of-service drive-in theater to explore in the evening.  This complex had been a functioning drive-in theater/motel as recent as the late 1990s.  This motel was a good value.

2006 - Oakley, Kansas - Kansas Kountry Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) 

We knew this would be about as far as we wanted to drive since we were hauling the dual sport motorcycles to southwest Colorado. We knew that if we stayed in Oakley, we’d have an easy drive the next day to make it to Ouray.


2006 - Ouray, Colorado - Riverside Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) 

We had been to Ouray many times and had investigated this spot thoroughly on the internet as well. The location was perfect. We could walk to breakfast at a nearby campground and it was only one mile into town. We stayed in a camping cabin. We took advantage of the hot tub and a fire pit loaned to us by the owners. A great choice........... 


2006 - Lawrence, Kansas - Bismarck Inn (#1) 

Nothing spectacular.........just a place to catch a few zzzzz’s before completing our journey home the next day. We were able to find a spot in the parking lot for a few friendly games of cornhole.

2005 - Henderson Harbor, NY - Aspinwall Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (web site)  ($67)

 We knew this would be our first night’s accommodations and had investigated the motel’s web site extensively. We were not disappointed. The owner met us at the door and walked us to our rooms which were clean and comfortable. The price was right, too.


2005 - Portland, Maine - Falmouth Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) 

As we rolled into town at dark without reservations, there weren’t too many choices. The place we had stayed in 1994 was apparently a victim of the wrecking ball. We settled for the Falmouth Inn. Prices seemed a bit on the high side for the accommodations, but beggars can’t be choosers and we were beggars this night.


2005 - Peggy’s Cove, NS - Clifty Cove Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (web site)

We arrived just before dark. This would have been a great spot to pick a seat by the water, grab a few cold ones, and watch the sun set.


2005 - Cheticamp, Nova Scotia - Laurie’s Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

A last minute change in plans landed us in Cheticamp for the night. This motel suited us well with a lower level room and an on-site restaurant and bar. Dinner and breakfast were both decent.


2005 - Port aux Basques, Newfoundland - Hotel Port aux Basques (#1) (#2)

This hotel was not our typical choice for lodging, but Port aux Basques is not exactly a tourist mecca and there were few choices. The interior room (we had to walk through the lobby with all of our gear) was nice, but small. Breakfast was mediocre.


2005 - St.Anthony, Newfoundland - Haven Inn (#1) (#2) (web site)  ($85)

This was one of the motels that we had picked based on the web site. When we arrived, our room was waiting. We had asked for and received a lower level room that faced the parking lot. The on-site restaurant served us dinner and breakfast the next day.


2005 - Farmington, Maine - Farmington Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) (KMZ)

We stopped to ask a fellow rider at a roadside stop down the road if there was any lodging in Farmington. He recommended the Farmington Motel. We were not disappointed. The owner was hospitable and the room was clean as advertised.


2005 - Bath, New York - Super 8 (#1) (#2) (KMZ)

This type of motel is not our usual style, but we were just trying to get home and didn’t want to take a chance on riding past dark and then not being able to find a room on a Friday night. The owner was friendly and helpful. The room was reasonably clean.


2005 - Maggie Valley, NC - Smoky View Cottages (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) 

These cabins right along the creek were ideal for the "Boys Weekend".  The four of us slept in a two bedroom cabin and had plenty of room.  The surroundings were very peaceful.  Nice place........


2005 - Clinch Mountain, TN - Krystal's Clinch Mountain Cabins (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($75)

We have been up and over Clinch Mountain dozens of times, but this time we slowed down and looked at the new cabins.  At $75 per night, we took a chance.  It was a nice place complete with hot tub inside the cabin.  Highly recommended..........

2004 - Cozad, Nebraska - Circle S Motel (#1) (#2) (web site) (KMZ)  

This was our second stop at this motel. It’s location, a full day’s drive (when hauling the bikes), makes for a good destination. Nothing fancy, but a relatively inexpensive stay with a couple of good breakfast restaurants close-by.


2004 - Pinedale, Wyoming - Half Moon Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (web site) (KMZ)

After quite a bit of research on the internet, we selected this motel for our week-long stay based on price and availability. The quarters were a bit cramped, but the refrigerator was a nice touch and the location was perfect for our trip.


2004 - Rock Springs, Wyoming - KOA Campground (#1) (#2) (web site)

This place was not much more than a parking lot with gravel, but the Kamping Kabins are always nice. We took advantage of the swimming pool in the evening.


2004 - Adair, Iowa - Adair Budget Inn (#1) (#2) (web site)

We have stayed at this motel before. It is a decent day’s ride/drive from Cincinnati on the way back home, so that’s why it keeps coming up on the list. We were asked to stop throwing cornhole in the parking lot this year because we were “making too much noise”.

2003 - Savannah, Tennessee - Savannah Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5)

We happened upon this motel on our Natchez Trace Parkway weekend adventure. The owner was hospitable, the room was clean, and the price was right.


2003- Cozad, Nebraska - Circle S Motel (#1) (#2) (KMZ) (web site)

After a long day’s drive hauling the K1100LT and Concours on the trailer, we were ready to stop and Cozad, Nebraska was upon us. The only motel that fit our needs was the Circle S Motel. Although the pool was already closed, we sat around and had a few brews before bedtime.


2003 - Lander, Wyoming - Horseshoe Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5)

We stayed five nights in this motel. It was our home base for our Roaming Wyoming tour. A grocery store within walking distance and an on-site bar were appealing to us. The price was very reasonable as well. Sadly, our stop in Lander in 2004 revealed that the Horseshoe Motel had been demolished.

2002 - Maggie Valley, NC - Abbey Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)

Internet research panned out again in selecting this motel used as a base camp for our fist couple of days. Located strategically close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the motel is clean and reasonably priced. It’s a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the town....which can be good or bad depending on your preferences.


2002 - Spruce Pine, NC - Mountain View Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

This small mom-and-pop motel was motorcycle-friendly and very accommodating. The on-site restaurant served us dinner and breakfast the next morning.


2002 - Bryson City, NC - Riverbend Lodging (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

Another lodging spot garnered from internet research, we were not disappointed. Although a severe thunderstorm hampered our outdoor activities, the view of the adjacent river and the atmosphere was magnificent.


2002 - Suches, GA - Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort (#1) (#2) (#3)

We stayed in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The owners were friendly and very talkative. The atmosphere in the motorcycle-oriented resort was magnificent. We’d do it again next time we are in the area.

2001 - Oakley, Kansas - Kansas Kountry Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

We picked a spot where we wanted to be at the end of our first day of riding --- 1000 miles from home. The Kansas Kountry Inn fit the bill and there were vacancies for the evening. With advance reservations, we were able to ride until it was nearly dark. Decent room, decent price.


2001 - Canon City, CO - Cactus Rose Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)

This little gem was obtained via internet research. The decor is Old Western and the accommodations were nice. We took advantage of the hot tub out back in the evening. Nothing fancy here, but overall a very nice motel.


2001 - Lake City, Colorado - Alpine Moose Lodge (#1) (web site)

Nothing real fancy, but the view from our back porch was magnificent. The panoramic view of the Lake City area was worth the price of admission. An on-site restaurant and pub suited us well in the evenings. This motel has changed owners since 2001. When we stayed there, it was called the Quiet Moose Motel. The 2004 version is called the Alpine Moose Lodge. The pub is gone. The restaurant is up-scale. The view from the lower level rooms is still magnificent.


2001 - Ouray, Colorado - KOA Campground (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (web site)

This was our second visit to the Ouray KOA Campground. Unlike most KOAs, this site is surrounded by trees and wooded areas with a creek running through the middle of the campground. In 1999, we had a camper. This time, we stayed in the Kamping Kabin. The hot tub, clean showerhouse, and excellent breakfasts in the morning made for a nice stay once again.


2001 - Hinton, Oklahoma - Hinton Country Inn Motel

This was a real cheesy place to stay, but the location was right, we were tired, and it was getting dark. It served the purpose, but that’s about it.

2000 - Cumberland, Maryland - Uncle Tuckers Inn (#1) (#2) (#3)

This was an interesting motel. There is a micro-brewery and oven-fired pizza restaurant on the premises. We spent a good portion of the evening on the front porch swilling the home brew we purchased at the restaurant.


2000 - West Haverstraw, New York - Green Inn Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

This was a pretty tacky place. Taxi cabs in and out all night and a shower that actually pretty scary. This was certainly one of the lesser motels we’ve ever stayed at.


2000 - Boston, Massachusetts - Courtyard by Marriott (#1) (#2)

We only stayed here because we were meeting a friend and attending the Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Pretty generic.........


2000 - Jackman, Maine - Comfort Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5)

A bit off the beaten path, we didn’t expect to find much to choose from in Jackman. There wasn’t. However, the Comfort Motel was just fine for us. A little like sitting in your living room, the rooms were down-homey and well-kept.


2000 - North Woodstock, NH - Carriage Motel (#1) (#2)

With many motels to choose from in North Woodstock, we settled on the Carriage Motel and were not disappointed. The prices were reasonable and we were within walking distance of restaurants.


2000 - Milford, New York - Brookside Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)

We ran across this little motel quite by accident. The grass and gravel parking lot was different. The rooms were nice, but the motel was a bit isolated from restaurants and other activities.

1999 - Ouray, Colorado - KOA Campground (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

We called ahead and based on the web site and reassurances from the owners, made our reservations for a weeks’ stay while riding our dual sport motorcycles in the mountain passes. We were not disappointed. This KOA is unlike most others and has many amenities.

1998 - Lincoln, Nebraska - Harvester Motel (#1) (#2)

This was a rather non-descript motel. We arrived in the rain and left in the rain the next morning. The food in the motel restaurant was rather mediocre as well.


1998 - Sundance, WY - Sundance Mountain Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)

A nice little motel located at a very convenient spot. The indoor pool and hot tub were a welcome sight after a long day in the saddle.


1998 - Choteau, Montana - Big Sky Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (from 2011 StreetView)

Located right along the main road, we purchased Subway and sat at a picnic table near our room for dinner. We sat on the front porch that night and watched traffic while doing some damage to the cooler full of beer.


1998 - St. Mary, Montana - Red Eagle Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

This little motel had an awesome view of Glacier National Park and was within walking distance of several restaurants and stores. We ate at the motel restaurant and were not disappointed.


1998 - Culbertson, Montana - Diamond Willow Inn (#1) (#2)

This motel had just been renovated after flood damage. I don’t remember a river or creek nearby, so I’m not sure what flooded, but we were told the beds were new and the rooms had been refurbished. They must have been REALLY crappy before.


1998 - Floodwood, Minnesota - Stardust Motel (#1) (#2) (from 2012 StreetView)

Another low-rent motel, we had to bang on the owner’s door at dusk to find out if there were rooms available. Of course, there were. Since we had no reservations or any idea what lie ahead of us, we took the opportunity to stay here since dark was approaching. Not much to speak of, but it was cheap if nothing else.


1998 - Houghton Lake, Michigan - Chalet Motel (#1)

Over the 14 years that we have been making our annual motorcycle trips, this motel is perhaps the worst one we have ever encountered. Driven by budget, we selected this flea-bag for our last night’s stay before heading home to Cincinnati the next morning. Fittingly, this motel was no longer in existence last time we rode through Houghton Lake.

1997 - Ithaca, New York - Wonderland Motel (#1) (#2)

Pulling into town as the sun was setting, we found this place at the edge of town and did a little negotiating with the owner for a slight discount. Not much to speak of, but it sufficed on our first night of the trip.


1997 - South Alburg, Vermont - Goose Point Campground (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

Overlooking Lake Champlain, this spot would have been awesome if it had not rained all night. Quite soggy...........


1997 - Ashland, Maine - Camp (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

When we stopped in town to get gas, the locals pointed us to a little park by the river where campers were welcome. There were no facilities available and it got a bit chilly that night. The local law officers stopped by to let us know they would keep an eye out for us. All in all........not bad.


1997 - Perce, Quebec - Motel Rocher (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6) (web site)

This quaint little motel had a magnificent view of the big rock and we took full advantage of that fact during our evening wind-down........


1997 - Rimouski, Quebec - St. Laurent Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)

Conveniently located and priced within our budget, this was a decent place to spend the evening. We were able to take a stroll to a nearby park and observe low tide in the local bay.


1997 - Eden Mills, Vermont - Lakeview Camping Area (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

We were able to park our bikes under cover to keep the dew off at this location. The accommodations were decent and we enjoyed the view of the lake.


1997 - Allegany, New York - Unknown (#1) (#2)

I can’t remember the name of this place, but I do remember that we spent too much time sitting at the bar that night and that it was extremely foggy in the morning. With the pictures as proof, the fog was not a result of too many drinks the night before, but a result of the weather.

1996 - Fayetteville, West Virginia - Camp (#1) (#2)

We hadn’t planned on camping right out of the chute, but we found a nice little spot by the abandoned bridge at the bottom of the valley. I have been back to this same area since, and the abandoned bridge is now operational.


1996 - Winchester, Virginia - Unknown

I can’t remember anything about this place other than the fact that we negotiated with the owners based on prices we had received at one of their competitors.


1996 - Roanoke, Virginia - Colony House Motor Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)

In need of brake repairs, we found this little number located straight across the street from the local K-Mart. We pulled our bikes onto the sidewalk in front of the room and did a little maintenance work while consuming our favorite adult beverages. We also found time to take a dip in the pool.


1996 - Highlands, North Carolina - Unknown (#1) (#2) (#3)

This motel had a nice little setup on the hill. If memory serves me correctly, we dined at a local mom-and-pop place that allowed us to bring in our own barley pops.


1996 - Bryson City, North Carolina - Scenic View Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

We wandered onto this place at the top of the hill overlooking town and decided it looked like us. We made it down the street to a mexican restaurant where we dined with a few other fellow riders and waited out a severe thunderstorm. We sat on the motel porch drinking beer until they turned off the lights and asked us to go to bed.....


1996 - Pikeville, Kentucky - Days Inn (#1) (#2)

Not much to choose from in this part of the world, but we were just looking for a place to sleep. There was a local Mexican restaurant at the motel or maybe it was just nearby, but it was pretty bad either way.....

1995 - St. Louis, Missouri - Knight’s Inn

We arrived after dark and left before it got light. It was just a place to catch a few winks......


1995 - Limon, Colorado - Preferred Motor Inn (#1) (#2)

Ken had stayed in Limon before, so we knew there would be a spot for us to spend the night. This motel was pretty decent, but located in a tacky part of town. When I came through Limon in 2004, this motel was no longer open for business.


1995 - Grand Junction, Colorado - El Palomino Motel (#1) (#2) (web site)

After surviving a torrential rainstorm (which would make it our last with open face helmets), we pulled into town to look for a room. There were not many available, but we snagged the last room at the El Palomino. This place was pretty centrally located and there were many dining choices within a short distance.


1995 - Moab, Utah - Prospector Lodge (#1) (#2)

We found this little gem just as we were preparing to leave town. There were no rooms available for anything less than $150, but we tried this one last place and found a room that had not been rented because there was a hole in the ceiling leaking water into a bucket. No big deal to us.....


1995 - Garden City, Utah - Greek Goddess Cafe and Motel (#1) (#2)

A fairly quaint motel and restaurant pretty much in the middle of nowhere, this place was unique. The dinner that evening and breakfast the following morning were average, but we’re not that picky.......


1995 - Livingston, Montana - Livingston Inn Motel (web site)

This little spot even had a laundromat on site. We washed a few pairs of jeans and did our normal damage to the better part of a couple of 12-packs. The motel was close to town and numerous restaurants, bars, and stores.


1995 - Rapid City, South Dakota - Amber Inn (#1) (#2)

We were looking for a place close enough to ride to Mt. Rushmore for the evening ceremony. This place fit the bill.


1995 - Adair, Iowa - Adair City Park (Camp)

With no rooms for miles (the Iowa State Fair was apparently in progress) and darkness already upon us, we were pointed to the city park where camping was available and the price was right. It was free!

1994 - Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania - Unknown


1994 - North Adams, Massachusetts - Redwood Motel (#1)


1994 - Portland, Maine - Pine Haven Motel (#1) (#2)


1994 - Coobscook Bay, Maine - Coobscook Bay State Park (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)


1994 - Bangor, Maine - Riverview Motel (#1) (#2)  


1994 - Conway, New Hampshire (Camp)


1994 - Lake Placid, New York - Unknown (#1) (#2)


1994 - Ashtabula, Ohio - Dave and Ed Motel

1993 - Erie, Pennsylvania - Holiday Inn

1992 - St. Louis, Missouri - Adam’s Mark


1992 - Little Rock, Arkansas - Comfort Inn


1992 - Houston, Texas


1992 - Memphis, Tennessee - Days Inn


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