Motel Reviews / Pics

In recent years, I have been on several motorcycle trips with my wife, daughter, and friends......although not at the same time of course!  On this page (below) you will find a review of our lodging accommodations.

To review a list of all of the motels my brother Ken and I have patronized since 1992 on our annual trips, click here.

2014 - Erie, PA - Hilton Garden Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After missing an entire year of traveling with the Burkarts, we were back in the saddle and headed to the Finger Lakes region of New York.  Our first day out was pretty light.  One of our objectives for the trip was to leverage our Hilton Honors points.  We didn't waste much time.  After stopping in the late afternoon, we made a quick stop at the U-Pick 6 for a drink and a six-pack to go.  We then walked across a major highway to dine at Quaker Steak and Lube.  The Hilton Garden Inn was very nice.  As usual, we parked our bikes out in front under cover.

2014 - Skaneateles, NY - Finger Lakes Lodging (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)(web site) ($139)

  • We targeted Skaneateles for two reasons --- we'd been to this town in 2006 and loved it.....and we were going to visit our friends Walt and Shawn Bird for a dinner party.  The motel was absolutely awesome and our little get-together at the Birds was even better.  A storm blew through late in the evening and left us without power at the hotel until about 530AM.  In the morning, we wandered across the street to the local greasy-spoon (Hill Top Restaurant) for breakfast.  Despite being attached to the bowling alley, the breakfast was great.



2012 - Robbinsville, NC - San Ran Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($72)

  • This makes three times in three years I have stayed here.  This time I stayed with my daughter Erin as part of our overnight weekend trip to the Deal's Gap area. Other than Robbinsville being a dry county (nice Mexican restaurant, but no Margaritas!), this place is always a safe bet.  The owners are gracious and very accommodating for motorcyclists.

2012 - Utica, NY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We ended up at this Hampton Inn even though our reservations were for the new Hampton Inn in New Hartford, NY.  Long story short....we showed up at New Hartford and they were not open yet! The owner happened to be on site and treated us to pizza and wine while they contacted the nearby Hampton Inn in Utica to transfer our reservations.  This guy went so far beyond expectations, I don't know what to say.  By the way....the Utica Hampton Inn was nice enough and close to a number of dining options and a liquor store.

2012 - Levis, QC - Comfort Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($$)

  • This place was nice enough and within walking distance of dinner, but the layout of the hotel was very confusing.  It seemed like it took us 10 minutes to get to the lobby.  And we were on the second floor so that made it even worse.  The price was not all that appealing either.  And on top of al that, they would not let us take chairs out to the patio to relax with our wine in the evening. This was not one of our better stops on the trip.

2012 - Moncton, NB - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We had wine and pizza (again) for dinner since there was nothing much within walking distance.  Don and I dodged the rain for a trip to the local liquor store to buy the supplies for the evening.  Beer is not cheap in Canada.  Wine is not so bad......

2012 - Cheticamp, NS - Laurie's Motor Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($$)

  • I had stayed here with my brother in 2005, but the four of us put a new twist on the 2012 visit.  We rented the house for two nights.  Very reasonably priced, we dined on lobster for two consecutive nights and saved literally hundreds of dollars on dinners.  Breakfast is included in the price of lodging.  Great place and great people working the motel and restaurant!

2012 - Summerside, PEI - Cairns Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($$)

  • After making it on as the last passengers on the ferry, we targeted an early arrival so that we could dine on Prince Edward Island mussels at the dock.  We were not disappointed......dining outside with a cold beer and a bucket of mussels.  Oh yeah.....the motel was family-owned and very clean.  We had adjoining rooms and a protected parking area for the motorcycles.  Good deal all around.

2012 - Bangor, ME - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($159)

  • This hotel was in the process of being remodeled or had just been purchased.  The layout and decor was very unusual for a Hampton Inn.  Since it was the 4th of July, the hotel set up a cookout and provided food and drink.  We passed.  Don and I made a run to the liquor store and were relieved to be paying USA prices again.

2012 - Westport, MA - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We ate dinner at the seafood place right next door.  Nothing to write home about, but not bad.  We had ridden to the beach (about 12 miles each way) before dinner.  Not much around the hotel except the restaurant.  But.....there was the prerequisite liquor store within a couple of miles. 

2012 - Hagerstown, MD - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We rolled into town in late afternoon with temperatures approaching 100 degrees.  We thought the pool would provide some welcome respite, but it was an outdoor pool!  We settled for a trip to the liquor store (go figure) and dined on pizza in the lobby.

2011 - Boone, NC - Super 8 (#1) (#2) (web site) ($129)

  • Our second year in a row at this hotel with the boys from work, the price is a bit on the expensive side, but was the only place in town that had three rooms this particular weekend.  We like the upper parking lot that lines up with the second floor rooms. My room mate and I had to switch rooms since our toilet was not working.  Not good....

2011 - Robbinsville, North Carolina - San Ran Motel (#1) (#2) (web site) ($72)

  • I had stayed here with the wife in 2006 and recommended it for the second night of the boys' trip this year.  Robbinsville is right in the heart of the Deal's Gap area with miles and miles of good roads to ride.  The owner allows motorcycle riders to park their bikes under the overhang when it rains.  See picture #2 using the link above to see how that is executed.....very handy.  The motel itself is a bit outdated, but clean and reasonably priced.

2011 - Kansas City, West, KS - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • Don and I headed west for a two week West Coast trip.  We were scheduled to pick up the wives at the Denver airport in two days, so we figured we would take our time and log (2) 600 mile days.  The first stop was literally within sight of the Kansas Speedway and was a relatively new Hampton Inn.  There were plenty of restaurants and shopping within walking distance.  We ate at Granite City Food and Brewery.......very nice.

2011 - Denver, West, CO - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • On the far western side of Denver, this place was in the middle of a business district and did not fit the standard look Hampton Inn.  We secured a covered spot to park the motorcycles and walked to dinner.  There were several dining options within walking distance, but we opted for carry-out pizza and a bottle (or was it two?) of wine.

2011 - Moab, UT - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After an early morning ride through the mountains, we picked up the wives at the Denver Airport around noon and headed west on I-70. We rolled into Moab around dusk.  This was a nice Hampton, but we had to ride to dinner since the hotel was at the northern end of town and a bit removed from all of the action.  Our dinner at the Moab Brewery exceeded expectations.

2011 - Cedar City, UT - Hampton Inn (#1) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After an exhilarating ride through the canyons in Utah, including Mokie Dugway, we ended the day with a stretch on I-15 with an 80MPH speed limit.  That was nice.  This Hampton Inn was built differently than most in architecture and style, but very nice.  We treated the wives to the "pizza and wine" dinner option that Don and I had successfully tested a few nights before in Denver.  It worked in Utah as well as it worked in Colorado.........

2011 - Oakland, CA - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After two nights in Edna Valley at Don's niece's house (including wine tasting tours in the valley), we headed into Pismo Beach for breakfast before pointing ourselves north to the bay area.  Don and his wife stayed at Lisa's brother's house while Paige and I headed to the nearest Hampton Inn to use more points.  This Hampton was near the airport and you could tell --- planes taking off and landing all evening!

2011 - Redding, CA - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We walked from this Hampton to the local Bennigan's restaurant where we met the supposed owner.  He bought us a round of tequila.  I guess it doesn't really matter if he was the owner or not. 

2011 - Cottage Grove, OR - Best Western (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($110)

  • After riding in the fog, rain, and mist all day long as we rode along the coast, we headed inland to Cottage Grove, OR.  This was one of only two nights on the entire 13-night trip where we did not have advance lodging reservations.  The wives were tired and cold by the time we stopped.  After a quick not-that-good dinner across the street, we hit the hot-tub for a warm end to the evening.  The continental breakfast in the morning was not all that great and was terribly overcrowded.

2011 - Renton, WA - Hilton Garden Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We made a bee-line for our Seattle destination so we could park the bikes and sightsee.  The staff at the Hilton Garden Inn let us check in early.  They put us on the shuttle to the light rail which took us into downtown Seattle for an early dinner and a casual stroll around the Public Market.  We ended the evening by putting the wives on the shuttle to the airport (they were headed home) while we closed the bar at the hotel with couple of cold ones.  From here on out, it was just the boys.

2011 - Butte, MT - Comfort Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($120)

  • After a chilly morning start, we stopped for breakfast at a local joint that looked really bad, but served up some good grub.  We rolled into Butte, MT late in the afternoon without lodging reservations.  There was really nothing that caught our fancy either amenity-wise or cost-wise, but the Comfort Inn was the best of the bunch.  We pulled another pizza-and-wine dinner option in Butte and called it a night on the early side.

2011 - Gillette, WY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After a REALLY chilly morning start (40 degrees F), we decided to get off the super slab and revisit Beartooth Pass in Wyoming.  We had done that with the wives several years ago.  We had heard the pass had just opened the week before.  Nice decision.  Nice ride.  After a really nice dinner in Buffalo, we hit Gillette around dusk.  The Hampton in Gillette is your garden variety Hampton.  We walked to the local liquor store for some adult beverages and exchanged stories with the Harley guys from Minnesota.

2011 - South Sioux City, NE - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After a fairly boring and short day of riding highlighted by a stop at a McDonald's where I found out I would be spending most of the summer in Charlotte, we ended up at one of the few motels in the area not affected by flooding.  We walked to the local Japanese hibachi restaurant where we dined and drank to excess.  The Hampton was not memorable one way or the other..... I guess that is not bad.

2011 - East Peoria, IL - Embassy Suites (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • I think we may have saved the best for last.  The happy hour at the hotel was unreal.   Very impressive.  Dinner at Alexander's (via the hotel shuttle) was also very impressive.  Finally.....the evening ended with schooling some of the locals in cornhole.  A great end to a great trip............

2011 - Marion, VA  - General Francis Marion Hotel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($144)

  • With the October weekend forecast for sunny skies and highs in the upper 70s, the wife and I decided to make it a romantic getaway weekend.  The route to Marion, VA went through Hazard KY and some wonderful roads and scenery.  The lodging for the evening was first class in every sense of the word.  The historic hotel along with the gourmet restaurant and friendly lounge made for an extremely gratifying stay.  The rooms were on the small side (even though we had the best one in the house) but they were immaculate and well maintained.  Thumbs up!

2010 - Beckley, WV - Microtel Inn (#1) (web site) ($79)

  • After a successful and enjoyable trip with the group from work last year, we decided to expand our trip to three days / two nights for this year's trip.  Our first night's stay was at a MicroTel Inn that was clean and nearby to numerous restaurants.

2010 - Boone, NC - Super 8 (#1) (web site) ($102)

  • Although this is the typical "enter through the lobby" type of motel, the rooms on the second floor walk right out to the rear parking lot through a central door -- eliminating the need to use the elevator or stairs. 

2010 - Cornelia, GA - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • Six out of seven nights on our 2010 motorcycle trip to the Southeast with the Burkarts would be courtesy of Hilton Honors points.  Although most Hampton Inns are very similar, there are certainly differences in location, accommodations, amenities, and staff.  This particular Hampton was a bit hard to find as it sat behind a strip mall with not much signage on the main highway. The nearby Longhorn Steakhouse provided a pleasant setting for dinner and drinks after we checked in and changed clothes.  We set the pattern on our first night out that we would not ask to park the motorcycles under cover at the front entrance.  We just did it.

2010 - Laurinburg, NC - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • We almost could not find this one -- it sits behind a motel where the tenants pay by the week.  The Hampton itself was nice, but the surrounding area left quite a bit to be desired.  Due to lack of any appealing restaurants in the area, we ordered pizza and ate it with the Burkarts in the suite that Paige and I had somehow acquired.   This is an older Hampton Inn with an outdoor pool.

2010 - Wilmington, NC - Hilton Garden Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($135)

  • We had prepaid for this Hilton Garden Inn and had taken advantage of the $135 package that included two made-to-order breakfasts along with the room.  The staff was very friendly and accommodated our request for a 10:00AM check-in so that we could visit friends and spend the day at the beach.  The only complaint with this hotel was the paper-thin floors that meant we listened to the folks above us walk the floors in the middle of the night.

2010 - Williamston, NC - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • Unlike some of the other Hampton Inns on this trip, this one was easy to find.  However, it was pretty much right in the middle of nowhere.  We stayed here two nights to accommodate a day-long trip to the Outer Banks.  When we arrived back at the hotel on the second evening, it was raining so we ordered pizza for the second time on the trip.  We ate in the breakfast area while watching the large screen TV.  Very nice!

2010 - Galax, VA - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • This Hampton Inn had to be very new.  There are no rooms on the first floor, but the accommodations more than made up for that.  The room setup was very unique for a Hampton Inn but both couples agreed that it was appealing.  The beds faced the window rather than the typical "sideways" arrangement that is normally seen.  We took advantage of the very nice indoor pool and hot tub after returning from dinner (walking distance) at a nearby Applebee's.  Highly recommended!

2010 - Oak Ridge. TN - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) (HHonors Points)

  • After a long day of riding some very nice roads in VA, TN, and NC.....we arrived at this Hampton Inn close to 8:00PM.  The check-in was quick and, after a quick change of clothes, we rode half a mile to Ruby Tuesday's for our "farewell to the this year's trip" dinner.  This hotel had a very small breakfast area, but we beat the crowd (as we always do) so it was not an issue for us.  Nice location.

2009 - Maggie Valley, NC - Holiday Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($72)

  • Four of us from work decided to take an overnight trip and slay the Dragon at Deal's Gap.  Two of us had been to Maggie Valley before, so we knew this place was right in the middle of all the action and was biker-friendly to boot.  The rooms were clean and the refrigerator kept our brews cold while we sat on the porch and socialized.

2009 - Massanutten, VA - Massanutten Resort (#1) (#2) (HGV points)

  • We reserved a condo at the Massanutten Resort through our affiliation with Hilton Grand Vacations.  The two-bedroom condo was very nice and made our week-long stay very pleasant.  We were able to cook breakfast and dinner each day and sit on the deck to watch the nightly thunderstorms.  The negatives included a parking lot with not a single foot of level ground and the second story condo with two flights of stairs to negotiate with all of our gear each day.

2009 - Charleston, WV - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (HHonors Points)

  • We used Hilton Honors points to secure lodging at this Hampton Inn on our return from the condo in Massanutten, VA.  It had rained off and on throughout the afternoon on our way to Charleston, but the last five miles to the hotel was one of the hardest rainstorms I had ever ridden through.  We were soaked.  After a short recovery time in the room, we walked to the Quaker Steak and Lube located only a hundred yards away.  The location was nice as there were several restaurants and stores within walking distance.

2009 - Hazard, KY - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (HHonors Points)

  • This was certainly the best of the bunch in Hazard. We walked to the nearby Applebee's for dinner. As usual, I parked my motorcycle under the awning for extra protection.

2009 - Terre Haute, IN - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (HHonors Points)

  • After we found evidence of a mouse, we switched rooms.  This is an older Hampton Inn but was pretty decent (mouse turd notwithstanding).  I took advantage of the overhang outside the entry to park my motorcycle.  We didn't spend much time at the hotel.  We had ridden all day touring the covered bridges in the area and dined with Erin and Jeff at the local sushi place.

2008 - Salina, KS - EconoLodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($61)

  • On our way to Colorado with the Burkarts and Webers, this was our first night's stay.  We had planned on logging about 750 miles and had set Salina, KS as our goal.  We made it with plenty to spare, even stopping for a leisurely dinner in Topeka.  The motel was very basic and housed a number of truckers, but it served the purpose.  We were in the lobby when the continental breakfast opened at 7:00AM.....nothing special at all, but it was good enough to get us rolling towards Colorado with a little something in our bellies. 

2008 - Divide, CO -   Antlers Cabin (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($180 for six of us)

  • We had reservations for a cabin that could sleep all six of us.  The two-bedroom, two-bathroom accommodations were awesome.  The cabin was secluded and very well maintained.  We spent two nights at the front end of our trip here and would spend two nights on the back end of the trip also.  We took full advantage of the gas grill and full kitchen as we prepared breakfasts and dinners each night.  We would recommend this cabin to others without hesitation.

2008 - Glenwood Springs, CO - Cedar Lodge Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($88)

  • I had stayed here with my daughter Erin on our Colorado vacation in 2004, so I knew this place would make the cut.  We were given three rooms right next to each other and were not disappointed.  The rooms were nice and clean and the price was reasonable.

2008 - Cortez, COBudget Host Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($82)

  • After riding through a thunderstorm from Telluride all the way south to Cortez, we selected this place based on location and price.  We were within a short distance of restaurants and the liquor store.  We were the first people at the free continental breakfast in the morning......fortunately!  The lobby was pretty cramped when others started showing up for breakfast.  They had a nice pool, but we didn't have a chance to try it out.  Overall.......not bad.

2008 - Gunnison, CORodeway Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($64)

  • This motel was selected as "Inn of the Year Finalist - 2008".   I'm not sure we figured out exactly why, but the location was decent and the price was reasonable.  The free continental breakfast was above average including a nice waffle maker.

2008 - Columbia, MOCandlewood Suites (#1) (#2) (web site) ($100)

  • Jeff and Marilyn tracked this place down while they were driving when we decided that Columbia, MO would be a good landing spot for us.  There were not many rooms available in that area, so this was not our first choice based on price, but it worked for us.  We arrived after dark (again....not our first choice) and all we did was drink a beer and hit the sack.  The inside hallways made it a bit of work to get all of our luggage in and out, but we managed.

2007 - Corbin, KY - Knights Inn Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($54)

  • We decided on an overnight trip since the October weather was so nice.  After touring parts of Kentucky during the day, we ended up in Corbin around dinner time.  The Knights Inn was the only motel in the area with the "park at your door" setup, so we decided to stay.  We checked out the Jacuzzi room (extra $40), but the crap around the filter, standing water in the tub, and a few flies hanging out in the room was enough to convince us to just take the regular room.  Paige was not too happy with the overall accommodations, but gutted it out.  Although there are a couple of nice restaurants within walking distance (Sonny's BarBQ and Cracker Barrel), we would not recommend this motel to others.

2007 - Cozad, Nebraska - Circle S Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

  • I stayed here in 2003 and 2004 with my brother, so I knew this would be a decent destination on our couples' trip with the Burkarts.  Cozad is a full day's drive from Cincinnati hauling the street bikes, so we made reservations and set our course for Cozad.  We split a room since we were just going to catch a few winks before hitting the road early in the morning.  This was a nice place with an on-site restaurant that served us a nice big breakfast to start the day.

2007 - Lander, Wyoming - Outlaw Cabins (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)  ($90)

  • I'm not sure who gets the credit for picking this place, but what a find!  The cabins were immaculate.  The price was right (about $90 per cabin), and the locale was breathtaking.  We used the gas grill to prepare dinner two different nights and even used it once for breakfast.  We sat outside at night, drank beer, and looked up at a sky full of stars.  These cabins (we rented both of them for the two couples) were the best deal in Lander.  Only a few miles outside town, we would recommend this place to anyone.

2007 - Cody, Wyoming - Gateway Motel and Campground (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)  ($75)

  • We made reservations at this place because the cabins looked appealing and Cody was a great launching spot for a couple of day trips that were on the agenda.  While we were right about Cody being a good starting and ending point each day, we were not so correct about the cabins.  They were small and not well-finished.  We had to sit in bed to use the sink to brush our teeth.  We've had worse accommodations, but these cabins left a little to be desired.  The good points include a nice owner, free ice, and wireless internet, so the experience was not ALL bad.....

2007 - Nebraska City, Nebraska - Apple Inn (web site)  ($65)

  • We used the AAA travel guide to find this motel after we decided where we would stop for the night on the way home to Cincinnati.  We arrived after dark and didn't do much other than gulp down a couple of beers and head to bed.  The prices were reasonable and the room was clean.  I guess you can't ask for much more than that.

2007 - Maggie Valley, NC - Smoky View Cottages (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site) ($170)

  • I had stayed here with the "boys" in 2005.  We had hoped to get a cabin by the creek, but when  we rolled into town, we knew that wasn't going to happen.  The 'Thunder in the Smokies' rally was in progress and there were no vacancies in town except for the two bedroom apartment we rented for $170.  It was nice and not a bad value.  We enjoyed the deck in the evening.

2007 - Johnson City, Tennessee - 11-E Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)  ($45)

  • Not the most scenic place in the world, and the smoking room had really been smoked in, but the price was hard to beat ($45) and the host was nice and full of advice on the local dining prospects.  

2006 - Bowling Green, Ohio - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2)  ($108)

  • We did an overnight trip to visit Erin at BGSU.  Aren’t all Hampton Inns created equal? Once again (as I do at all Hampton Inns) I parked the bike overnight on the front porch. One of the maids told me that she thought my BMW looked like a big gray elephant with the cover on it.

2006 - Robbinsville, North Carolina - San Ran Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)

  • This nice little place was right up the road from the Dragon (Deal’s Gap). The owner let me park my R1150RT underneath the overhang outside the room to stay dry overnight during the thunderstorms.  The restaurant right next door served some very good barbeque.

2006 - Wellsville, New York - Long Vue Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (web site)  ($72)

  • This was our first night out on our belated honeymoon trip.  The Burkarts were riding with us on their Gold Wing.  We found a little town in New York with some decent restaurants and a hill-top motel with a view and nice clean rooms. No complaints.

2006 - Bennington, Vermont - Kirkside Motor Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site) ($75)

  • We pulled in about the same time as a group of Harley riders. Before we got settled, Paige and I took a ride on one of the big HDs. Quite interesting and a bit of fun, but I’ll stick with my BMW. The beers started flowing shortly afterward and it turned into quite a night in the motel courtyard.  The next morning, I attended Mass at a nearby church with Lisa while Paige was taking her shower and getting ready for the day’s ride. Don skipped Mass and instead decided to worship the porcelain god in his bathroom.

2006 - St. Johnsbury, Vermont - Yankee Traveler (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4)  ($75)

  • This was a clean motel with a nice pool that we found quite refreshing after riding all day. A grocery store that sold beer across the street and restaurants within walking distance made this a fine choice.

2006 - Brunswick, Maine - Maineline Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)  ($56)

  • Another place with a pool........and this one even had a laundromat in the same building as our rooms.  Paige and I were in the lucky number 31 room. We’ve stayed in better places, but there was a liquor store across the street (evening refreshments), a diner down the street (breakfast), and some good scenery within a 20 minute ride.  We enjoyed a bottle of wine poolside with the Burkarts as the sun set and hung out until the mosquitoes got the best of us.

2006 - Machias, Maine - Blue Bird Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) ($84)

  • It was perfectly sunny when we pulled into the parking lot, but by the time we headed out for dinner, a cold fog had rolled in and it felt like winter.  We split a room with the Burkarts at this place to save some bucks. We spent the savings on a delicious lobster dinner in town.  In the morning, it was chilly but sunny.  The owners here were very friendly.

2006 - St. Albans, Vermont - Cadillac Motel (#1) (#2)  ($88)

  • Without a doubt, this was the crappiest place we stayed the entire trip. We once again bunked with the Burkarts to save some money. The room was dirty, smelly and the restaurant was a joke. I owed Paige an apology after staying at this place. It was after spending the night here that I figured out she must really love me.

2006 - Skaneateles, New York - Bird’s Nest Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) ($62)

  • After the previous night’s fiasco, any place we stopped would be an improvement. This motel did not disappoint.  Don took credit for selecting the Bird’s Nest Motel and. at this point, officially acquired the nickname “Birdman”.  After a baby bird landed in his lap three nights ago at dinner, staying at the Blue Bird Motel two nights ago, eating dinner at the Blue Bird Diner that same night, and riding a Gold WING.........Don sealed his fate by selecting the Bird’s Nest Motel this night.

2006 - Clarion, Pennsylvania - Super 8 Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)  ($79)

  • Seeking a launching point for a mid-afternoon arrival back home the next day, we selected Clarion, PA as the place to sleep.  We pulled in as dusk was approaching and didn’t have much time to shop. We selected this the Super 8 and used my BMW Owner’s dioscount to save a few bucks. Paige found a mess in the bathroom, so we had to change rooms. We had the free continental breakfast in the morning and hit the road at 7:00AM

2005 - Hico, West Virginia - Country Road Cabins (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)

  • We selected this place because it was Don and Lisa’s 25th anniversary and we wanted to do something memorable. This place cost about $200 per night, but it had everything.  We sat in the hot tub, drank beer and champagne, and toasted the Burkarts until the wee hours of the morning.  

2005 - Boone, North Carolina - Red Carpet Inn (#1) (#2)  ($70)

  • This place has seen better days. The motel was nearly vacant, but the guy running the desk would not negotiate.  There was some interesting activity in the parking lot as the night wore on, but we never saw anything that seemed illegal. 

2005 - Maggie Valley, NC - Applecover Inn (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (web site)  ($49)

  • I think we got the last two rooms in town as there was a motorcycle rally in progress. We were within walking distance of Joey’s Pancakes in the morning, so that was a good thing. The rooms were not very spacious, but the hosts were accommodating and everything was clean.

2005 - Florence, Alabama - Hampton Inn (#1) (#2) (web site)

  • Our first stop as we headed down the Natchez Trace Parkway, this motel was located right next door to Applebee’s.

2005 - Chattanooga, Tennessee - Hilton Garden Inn (#1) (#2) (web site) ($185)

  • We stopped here so we could attend the Lookouts game.  This place was within a short walking distance of the stadium. What a pleasant way to spend the evening..... 

2005 - Nashville, Tennessee - Comfort Inn (#1) (#2) ($68)

  • I was surprised that Paige agreed to stay here.  Kinda crummy and run down, but she was a trooper.  We wouldn't recommend this place as a first choice.

2004 - Salina, Kansas - Salina Inn

  • Not much, but it was in the right place at the right time. I stayed here alone on my way to meet my daughter Erin at the Colorado Springs airport.  She flew from Cincy while I drive my buddy’s pickup truck with my Concours in the back.

2004 - Colorado Springs, Colorado - Chief Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)

  • Kinda cheesy, but it was OK for me..........I would be picking up my daughter at the airport in the morning for our Colorado adventure.

2004 - Lake City, Colorado - Alpine Moose Lodge (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

  • This place has a great view of Lake City from the back porch.  The rooms are spacious and very clean.

2004 - Ouray, Colorado - Alpine Inn (#1) (#2)

  • Great location right in the middle of the action in Ouray.

2004 - Glenwood Springs, Colorado - Cedar Lodge Motel (#1) (#2) (#3) (web site)

  • We had a nice swim at the indoor pool. The rooms were nice and the prices reasonable.....

2004 - Manitou Springs, Colorado - Sante Fe Motel (#1) (#2) (#3)

  • This place had a nice hot tub. During my stay here, somebody obtained my American Express and Visa credit card numbers. I’m not sure if it was a worker or a dumpster diver, but it sucked.

2004 - Pueblo, Colorado - Hampton Inn

  • The first night in Colorado with Paige (she was the fiancee at the time) and we used some Hilton Honors points for a free night.  Aren’t all of the Hampton Inns the same?

2004 - Ouray, Colorado - Ouray Hotel (#1) (#2) (web site)

  • This motel was right in the middle of town and within walking distance of restaurants, bars, the hot springs, and the souvenir shops. The room was small but first-rate in cleanliness. The owners were very hospitable and the prices were extremely reasonable.

2004 - Glenwood Springs, Colorado - Hampton Inn

  • Blah, blah, blah.  It was a Hampton Inn again. The part I hate is hauling all of the equipment through the lobby, onto the elevator, and up to the room --- only to be repeated in reverse the next morning.

2004 - Hays, Kansas - Kansas Kountry Inn (#1) (#2) (#3)

  • This place smelled like an armpit. Pretty crappy.........but I was alone on my journey back to Cincinnati, so it didn’t matter all that much.



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