Riding Philosophy

Riding motorcycles is an exhilarating, fascinating hobby. There are many reasons why so many people are involved in motorcycling. There are antiquarians seeking to find the right carburetor for a 1974 Ducati Desmo. There are poseurs cruising the length of Hollywood Boulevard; dirt bikers hauling their machines in the back of a pickup truck to their favorite spot; sport riders scraping pegs on Appalachian roads. There are even mechanics who would rather turn wrenches than ride.

We are touring riders who like to roll our two-wheeled sport-touring machines along the byways of our great country. While pieces of the above fit portions of our love of motorcycling, we like to put miles behind us.

When we ride we do not stop to do much sightseeing. If it takes more than one hour we probably won't stop. We like to ride on non-interstate roads as much as possible. In charting our trips if we see a dotted line on a Rand-McNally map we try to ride it. We feel when you're riding a bike you do not need to stop and get off of the bike to sightsee.

We have camped in the past but we have found too many miles are sacrificed in order to camp. Additionally the extra space taken up by camping gear is far too valuable. With the increasing popularity of the internet we have found the ability to reserve rooms at our intended destination extremely advantageous. Now even the most modest motels have web sites. The internet along with the DeLorme state maps have enabled us to route our trips to the finest detail without sacrificing finding the treasured back roads not found on a Rand McNally map.


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